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Fruit And Health


The longan berry also known as dragon eye is juicy and sweet but also beneficial to your health. It helps boost energy and the immune system. It is also helpful in reducing depression, stress and helping to improve memory.

Sugar Apple

The sweet custard-like texture of sugar apples are high in folic acid, making it a super vitamin fruit. Sugar apples promote healthy skin and bones. It is a heart healthy fruit and can help regulate blood pressure. Although incredibly sweet, sugar apples can also help regulate sugar levels.


Soursop also known as guanabana is an incredible fruit full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. The fruit along with its leaves have been used to help treat inflammation and aid in cancer treatments. This is in part due to its high content of antioxidants which helps neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells. Apart from being a super healthy fruit ,soursop is also delicious. It can be cut open to eat in slices or blended in shakes. Its flavor is a combination of pineapple and strawberry.


Rambutan is related to the longan and lychee family. It is easy to peel and has a creamy sweet texture. It is rich in Vitamin C and fiber. It's soluble and insoluble fiber makes it an excellent fruit for helping aid digestive disorders.


Enjoy our antioxidant packed selection of tropical fruit to help you recharge your body and mind with much needed nutrients and natural vitamins. Let go and unwind while you escape to tropical paradise. Leave your stress behind and enjoy some tropical sugar.

Fruit And Health

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